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Our Commitment to ESG since Day One

MUJI has consistently addressed social issues since day one. Our core value is "to contribute to society and people" and this value is rooted in all our business activities.

Our commitment to the three perspectives of selection of materials, streamlining of
, and simplification of packaging have made us a pioneer in what the world now calls sustainability. Based on these three perspectives, we continue to develop products that consider the influence on the society and the environment. This policy has become even more important under the "Second Founding" which we initiated in 2021, in order to create a better world 100 years from now and to become a front runner of ESG management. We will contribute to the creation of a circular, nature-coexisting, sustainable society in every aspects of our products and services, and reduce our environmental impact and respect individual human rights throughout the entire lifecycle of our products, services and actions. Through these commitments, we aim to build a "sustainable society in all aspects."

We will practice our ESG management, which creates new values and contributes to the society, by implementing innovative ESG approaches towards our products, business activities and activities with local communities.

Goals & Actions

Community Engagement

MUJI North America fosters a sense of community through partnerships with local brands and store events. Follow us on IG & Tiktok @MUJI.USA for upcoming events.

Sustainability At A Glance

Through our company's products, services, and activities, we remain committed to advancing the cause of environmental sustainability and fostering a greener society. Below are, Ryohin Keikaku, MUJI's parent company, key figures that highlight the strides made in recycling Earth's resources and minimizing waste, all aimed at nurturing a more harmonious relationship with nature.

MUJI Philosophy Series

Streamline Processes

Minimal Packaging