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Minimal Packaging

MUJI philosophy Series
MUJI Carpet Cleaner

The evolution of MUJI's packaging reflects a deliberate shift towards simplicity, utilizing recycled paper tones to convey a minimalist lifestyle ethos. Tanaka's bold red logo solidifies MUJI's distinctive brand identity amidst this focus on simplicity.


Focused on simplicity and the elimination of unnecessary packaging, MUJI aims to highlight the intrinsic appeal of its products. This minimalist packaging ethos is evident across all of MUJI's offerings, from furniture to skincare products and more.


The brand's innovative tagging system, whether through stickers, tags, or direct printing, serves to seamlessly integrate product information while reflecting the essence of each item's purpose. This holistic approach underscores MUJI's dedication to providing products that resonate with users on a deeper level, embodying simplicity and functionality in every aspect of their design and presentation.