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MUJI Canada Updates

Announcing SMS subscriptions for MUJI Canada's promotion notifications

Subscribe to our SMS notifications & newsletters for special perks!


In an ongoing effort to enhance our marketing communication, MUJI Canada is pleased to announce the launch of SMS subscriptions to Canadian customers.


For SMS subscribers, we will send out exclusive offers, limited to online purchases. However, we will continue to send our newsletter communications for promotions, events, and more.


To celebrate our SMS launch, we are happy to offer a one-time 15% discount, restricted to online purchases.

New email subscribers will receive a one-time 15% discount, which can be used for in-store and online purchases.


The SMS subscription is available to anyone who carries a Canadian mobile number. No action is required if you're content with email notifications. If you'd prefer to receive SMS notifications instead of or in addition to email notifications, please sign up for SMS subscriptions here and feel free to unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time.