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A plant fibre harvested from tree nuts, Kapok is an eco-friendly material cultivated and grown with minimal use of water and fertilizer.


The lightest natural fibers in the world

Kapok fiber is about one-eighth that of cotton. Since the inside of the fiber is a straw-like cavity, it becomes a fluffy, light, soft and flexible fabric.

Always comfortable

It absorbs moisture to enhance heat retention when it is cold, and releases moisture when it is hot to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Nature Friendly

Reduction of environmental impact. Kapok requires little pesticides, fertilizers and watering. There is no need to cut down the fruit that is the source of fiber, and it continues to absorb a large amount of CO2. It is a material with a very low environmental impact.

Kapok, a sustainable material made from tree nuts

We used cotton harvested from the nuts of the kapok tree, a tree that grows naturally in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Kapok is an eco-friendly material cultivated with little fertilizer and water without pesticides. It is said to be the lightest natural fibre in the world, approximately one-eighth the weight of cotton. The fibre is hollow and contains a lot of air, so it is light and warm.
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