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Kuzefuku Yuzu products

Kuze Fuku | Authentic Japanese Gourmet

Kuze Fuku is a famous Japanese brand specializing in traditional and contemporary Japanese food and drinks crafted by over 500 regional Japanese food makers. Founded by St. Cousair in Nagano, customers in Japan can now enjoy Kuze Fuku products at 150 retail stores across the country.

Kuze Fuku is the brainchild of St. Cousair founder Ryozo Kuze. Ryozo started his business in 1976 from a jar of apple jam that his wife, Mayumi, made to serve guests at the ski lodge they were running in Nagano. The jam and many of Mayumi's homemade dishes were greatly enjoyed by their guests.

For more than forty years, it has been Ryozo's dream to create delicious, high-quality food for customers worldwide. Kuze Fuku, with its network of expert food creators, helped make that dream a reality.

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