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Steel Drying Rack

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Effortlessly expand the hanging and drying capacity in your home with our Steel Drying Rack. Crafted from powder-coated steel in a sleek white finish, this compact and rust-resistant rack offers a whopping ~4.5 feet of additional hanging space. And when not in use, simply fold it away for easy storage.


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Product Details

W33.9 x D5.8 x H55" (W86 x D91 x H139 cm)

Packing Specifications:
1 Article: W34.8 x D37.4 x H2" (W88.5 x D95 x H5 cm)

Country/Region of Origin: China

Material & Care

Pole: Steel (Powder Coating)
Leg Caps & Support Straps: Polypropylene
Spacers: Nylon

- Do not use the product for other than intended purposes, such as getting on it or hanging from it. Doing so may lead to product damage, resulting in an unexpected accident.
- Do not put your fingers into the gaps while opening/closing the product. Doing so may lead to getting your fingers caught.
- Do not slide hangers forcibly while they are hung. Doing so may cause degradation of the pipes.
- Pole load capacity is ~ 11lbs (5 kg) per pole. Do not overload. Even the weight is within the withstand load, the product may fall over by a strong shock resulting in injury.
- Hang items so as to evenly distribute weight across the product. Hanging items across both poles my result in the unit folding up and
tipping over. The unit may also fold up and tip over when removing items.
- Install the product on a flat, leveled place. Not doing so may cause damage on the floor.
- Do not drag this product when moving its location, as floors and other surfaces may be damaged.
- Do not hang items on the support bar.
- When hanging laundry directly on the pole, be careful not to catch items on the tabs at each side that prevent the hangers from falling.
Doing so may result in damage to clothing/laundry.
- Attempting to move this product while items are hanging may result in the unit being folded and tipping over.
- Regularly check for any looseness in screws. Tighten them if any looseness is found. Continuing use with loose screws may result in damage on the product and/or injury.
- Use the product indoor and do not leave it outdoor or in a location subject to direct sunlight and/or water. Using the product in such locations may accelerate the deterioration of the product.
- Promptly wipe dry any surfaces that become wet. Failure to do so may result in rusting.

- Wipe with a dry cloth to remove dirt.
- Do not use chemicals such as paint thinner or
benzine. Doing so may result in product
discoloration or deformation.
- When the product is particularly dirty, wipe using a
soft cloth dampened with a neutral detergent diluted
with warm water.

Max Load : ~11lbs (5kg) per pole, 22lbs (10kg) total (if weight is applied evenly)