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Round Aluminum Fountain Pen

SKU 4547315136865


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*This item is only available for shipping from Spring to Early Fall due to the possibility of the ink cartridge exploding in cold temperatures. 

A sturdy and long-lasting aluminum fountain pen. Comes with 1 ink cartridge inside the pen. Additional Ink cartridges are sold separately. A great choice for a first fountain pen if you want to get used to using them!


Product Details

  • Material: Body & Cap: Aluminum | Clip: Iron, Brass | Tip: Iron
  • Refill: Ink Cartridge (Included)
  • Ink Type: Water-based (Black)
  • Country of Origin: Japan

Additional Information

  • An additional ink cartridge can be stored in the pen body
  • When you first start using it: Unscrew the pen body and flip the ink cartridge then gently push down on it until it pops on and feels snug, the ink will start to flow to the pen's tip, then screw the body back on. It isn't necessary to shake it for the ink to flow but if you do, please do so lightly.
  • It is not recommended to use with recycled paper as the ink is water based and will soak in the paper, creating thicker lines