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Nylon Mesh Bag Organizer A4

SKU 4550002856328


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Color: Grey

A bag organizer made out of a sturdy nylon mesh material. The inside is lined with individual compartments for convenient organization of small items.

Product Details

Materials: 100% Nylon

Dimensions: A4 - Approx. 210 mm*297mm

Country of Origin: Cambodia

Additional Information

  • Note that discolouration or colour transfer may occur from moisture or friction due to the characteristic of the material.
  • Note that discolouration may occur when exposed to direct sunlight or light.
  • Do not wash. Doing so may cause the product to lost its shape, or be damaged and deformed.
  • Do not leave this product wet, as doing so may result in mould or colour loss. If the product gets wet. If the product gets wet, wipe away the moisture with a dry cloth, and hang in a well-ventilated location.