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Men's Recycled Nylon Lightweight Down Jacket

SKU 4550512273073


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Color: Dark Grey

A lightweight down jacket made with recycled nylon fabric. Designed to be foldable and easy to carry. Thick and light enough to be layered in the winter.


Product Details

Style Code: ADE1222A


  • Outer Shell & Lining: 100% Recycled Nylon
  • Wadding: 90% Down, 10% Waterfowl Feathers

Country of Origin: China

Additional Information

  • 100% recycled nylon is used for the outer shell and lining.
  • Colour transfer of dark-coloured products may occur during use due to friction and when handling while wet. Wash separately.
  • Wrinkles formed during storage will gradually disappear while in use.

Item Size Chart

Shoulder Width
Chest Circumference
Waist Circumference
Sleeve Length
Hem Circumference
XS 64.0cm 44.0cm 104.0cm 100.0cm 64.1cm 87.0cm
S 66.0cm 45.5cm 109.0cm 105.0cm 65.3cm 92.0cm
M 68.0cm 47.0cm 114.0cm 110.0cm 66.5cm 97.0cm
L 71.0cm 50.0cm 122.0cm 118.0cm 67.0cm 105.0cm
XL 74.0cm 53.0cm 130.0cm 126.0cm 67.5cm 113.0cm
*Size chart for reference only. Actual size might differ slightly due to the feature of the fabric.