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Heat/Cold Resistant Container

SKU 4934761337685


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Made from medical grade material that has high transparency, is lightweight, and has excellent heat and cooling resistance (140 C to -20 C). Because it is easy to see the food put inside, it reduces what you are looking for in the refrigerator and forgetting to eat. The valve allows you to microwave things with the lid on and prevents and liquids or odors from escaping while storing in the fridge. 

Product Details


  • Lid: Polypropylene
  • Body: Polymethylpenten
  • Valve: Silicone Rubber


  • Small: 12.5x9.5x5.5cm
  • Small Deep: 12.5x9.5x8cm
  • Medium: 20x12x5.5cm
  • Medium Deep: 20x12x8cm
  • Large: 24.5x20.5x5.5cm
  • Large Deep: 19x24.5x8cm

Country of Origin: Japan

Additional Information:

  • Do not exceed temperatures of 140C to-20C)
  • Due to the nature of this material, scuffs can occur easily. Discontinue use if they become deep scratches.
  • Valve and gasket are consumable items, discontinue use if they become too discoloured or hold smells after several washings