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Feather Cushion 43 x 43 cm

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Light feather cushion made of waterfowl feathers that does not sink easily. This product uses a high-density woven fabric for the side fabric, effectively preventing dust mites from entering.

Product Details

43 x 43 cm

Country/Region of Origin: China

Material & Care

Outer Shell: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton.
Outer Shell (Inside): 100% Polyester.
Wadding: 99% Waterfowl Feathers, 1% Down.

- Do not bend or hit the product too heavily when removing dust. This can cause the feathers inside to be broken and fall out.

- Periodically check for any feather shafts sticking out of the product as a result of use and dry-cleaning. Pull them out immediately if any of them is found.

- Due to the characteristics of the material, down may come out through the seams. Be careful as pressure from kneading or beating will cause it to come out more easily.

- The material has a characteristic smell immediately after purchase and during periods of high humidity. If this is bothersome, air in a shaded, well-ventilated place for 3-4 hours.

- Make sure to use with a cover.

- After unpackaging, even out the pillow from all sides to the centre and fluff it to shape before start of use.

- Due to the packaging form, there may be wrinkles on the outer shell when unpackaged, but this will not affect the use.

- Be careful not to damage the product when removing the packaging.

- This product uses high-density weave fabric that has a mite-proof effect for the outer shell. Mite proofing does not completly prevent mites.

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