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Deodorized Memory Foam Pillow

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MUJI Bedding sizes differ from standard US/CA sizes. Please refer to the size charts prior to purchasing.

Outer fabric is washed easily and has been exposed to a deodorizing process. Made with low rebound urethane foam that provides gradual sinking. The filling of the side fabric is equipped with a deodorant function that eliminates sweat and aging odors like acetic acid and ammonia. Retains its deodorizing capabilities even after 100 washes.

Standard pillow size in Japan is 43 x 63cm, smaller than the North American queen-size pillow.


Product Details

Standard: 43 x 63 cm (16.9 x 24.8")
Ideal for twin/single beds.

Country/Region of Origin: China

Material & Care

Outer Shell: 100% Polyester
Wadding: 100% Polyester
Padding: Polyurethane Foam

- The cover can be removed for washing.

- Urethane foam is flammable; do not expose to open flames (e. g. lit cigarettes) or sources of high temperature (e. g. heaters).

- The main body cannot be washed at home or dry cleaned. If it gets dirty, dilute the detergent, apply it to a towel, and wipe it off by tapping it. Then wipe off the detergent with a towel soaked in water and let it dry immediately.

- Discolouration of the urethane foam does not affect the performance of the product. Due to the characteristics of the materials, the product has a smell at the beginning of use. If this is bothersome, air in a well-ventilated, shady place.

- Depending on storage conditions, urethane foam may deteriorate, such as strength being reduced, in 2 to 5 years. Avoid high temperature and humidity and store in a place with good ventilation.

- Make sure to use with the cover on.

- Due to the characteristics of the material, cracks may appear on the surface of the urethane foam. Be careful when handling outer shell.

- The surface of the urethane foam has air bubbles. This is due to the manufacturing process and will not affect the use.

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