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Essential Oil Reed Diffuser - Rose

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Our Essential Oil Reed Diffusers are created using 100% natural plant-based ingredients. Unlike fragrance oil reed diffusers, which contain synthetic ingredients, the essential oils in our diffusers are gentler and provide a subtle scent.

The reed diffusers release a steady stream of fragrance into the air - perfect for your bedroom, living room or other common space.  Safe for living spaces with children since this operates without an open flame.

*Rattan Sticks Sold Separately.


  • Place your diffuser on top some paper towel in case of spill. Avoid doing it over wood or delicate surface cause oil may leave stains. 
  • Most diffusers filled ¾ to avoid overflow after you insert the reeds.
  • The number of reeds will determine how light or strong the scent is (recommend starting with 6-8 reeds)
  • Let the reeds sit for a few minutes to absorb the oil, then carefully flip them so that the saturated end is in the air (do this one by one to avoid oil spilling everywhere)
  • Spread the reed as much as possible to let air circulate between them. Allow up to 24 hours for the fragrance to fully diffuse.
  • Flip the reeds periodically (around once or every 2 weeks) to keep the scent strong (again do this one by one to avoid drip) 
  • Don’t recommend doing the flip too frequently, it will cause oil to evaporate faster. 
  • Reed diffusers typically last between 1 to 3 months, depending on the oil and reeds used. But you will start noticing scent fade after 1st month, due to dust and other impurities that can clog up the reed over time, hindering the fragrance oil from diffusing properly. 
  • For smaller rooms like bathrooms and foyer, diffusers provide a nice, subtle fragrance. For more spacious areas, you may need larger diffusers or choose an area with good air circulation but not next to air conditioners, windows or corners. Think of your diffuser as a vase of flowers. Place it somewhere you tend to walk by, so they get a nice whiff of fragrance. 
  • Place the reed diffuser in a cool, shady location. This is to retain the fragrance and keep the bottle at a lower temperature, and out of direct sunlight to help keep it longer.


    Product Details

    Volume: 6.0 fl oz (Approx. 180 ml)

    Country/Region of Origin: USA

    Material & Care

    Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Rose

    - Keep your reed diffuser away from heat and flame.

    - Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    - Do not swallow.

    - May be harmful or fatal if swallowed.

    - Avoid contact with eyes, skin and hair.

    - Avoid contact with furniture, fabrics and finished surfaces.

    - Spillage may cause staining.

    - Unscrew the cap on the bottle and place your reed sticks in for a few minutes to absorb the diffuser oil.
    - Flip the saturated ends of the sticks up so the fragrance will begin to naturally permeate your space.
    - Continue to flip every few days to keep the scent fresh and fragrant.
    - Regularly replace reed sticks as needed.

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