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Aluminum Hook Suction Type

SKU 4550344502501


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Simple design hook made with aluminum and suction cup to easily attach to a flat surface.


Product Detail

Material: PVC, Aluminum Alloy


  • Small: Approx. W3 x H4.5cm
  • Large: Approx. W4.5 x H6cm

Country of Origin: China

Additional Information

  • Load resistance
    • Small: 0.3kg
    • Large: 0.5kg
  • Remove dirt and oil from a wet cloth or wet tissue on a flat surface without unevenness or roughness before installing.
  • If the suction cups fall off despite the flat surface, the suction cups may be deformed. You can restore the normal shape by removing the suction cup from the product body and immersing only the suction cup in hot water at around 50 ° C for about 1 minute. While the suction cup is still warm, attach it to the product body again and attach it to the surface you want to install.