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Acrylic Water Pot 2L

SKU 4550344220917


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A pitcher perfect for cold teas and fruit-infused beverages. Each part can be removed and cleaned. It can stand upright or on the flat side in your fridge.


Product Details

Dimensions: 29 x 15 x 10cm


  • Body: 100% Acrylic Resin
  • Lid/Strainer: 100% Polypropylene
  • Rubber Seal: 100% Silicone Rubber

Country of Origin: Japan

Additional Information

  • Do not use abrasive scouring pad, wire wool, cream cleanser to wash, doing so may scratch the surface and cause the product breakage.
  • Do not use alcohol based disinfectants, enzymatic detergents or terpene-containing detergents (eg, orange oil). Doing so may cause breakage
  • When the product is heavily stained, soak in lukewarm water with a chlorine based or oxygen based bleach. When using bleach follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package. 
  • Do not put detergent in the pot and close the lid. Doing so may cause breakage.
  • Do not sterilize in boiling water. The heat may cause deformation, cracking, cloudiness, and/or discolouration.
  • Do not put in the dishwasher or dryer. The heat may cause deformation, cracking, cloudiness, and/or discolouration.
  • Do not use thinner, benzine, alcohol or paraffin, doing so may cause breakage.
  • The product is for use with cold water only. Do not place in freezer, chilled compartment or any other location where the temperature is below freezing. The liquid inside will expand when frozen and may cause breakage.
  • Always carry the product by holding the pot, otherwise the lid may get separated and cause the contents to spill out. It will also put excessive load on the pot and may cause leakage or breakage.