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Raclette avec poignée

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This scrubber has a handle that makes it easy to apply force when washing iron pans. The handle keeps your hands clean, making it convenient for cleaning things like sandals and drains. The scrubber can be replaced when it gets worn out, so it can be used repeatedly (replacements sold separately).

Please make sure that the product can be washed or scrubbed in water before using it to wash items like shoes.

Détails du produit

Frame: 22.5cm (8.9")

Scrubber: W5 x D11 x H3cm (2 x 4.3 x 1.1")

Pays/Région d'origine : Japon

Matériau et entretien

Wire: Stainless Steel

Scrubber: Palm

- Do not use for other than its intended purpose.

- Be careful when removing the scourer. It may get caught by the wire.

- Keep away from open flames.

- Do not use for resin items, lacquerware or anything vulnerable to scratches.

- Pieces of natural fibres of the material may remain on the product at the early stage of use. Rinse them off before use.

- Be careful not to let the wire part come in direct contact with tableware while using the product to wash dishes.

- Discolouration of the product may occur due to a reaction to acidic substances such as vinegar.

- Thoroughly wash and dry after use.

- Do not shake the product intensely to remove moisture. Doing so may cause the scourer to come off.

-When the scourer becomes deteriorated, replace it with new one.

Expédition et retours

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