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Weight 230 g Lien vers la politique d'expédition

Parapluie pliable toutes saisons à carreaux noirs

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$25.90 - $25.90
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A compact and lightweight umbrella that can be used either for shade against the sun or for coverage from the rain. Be ready for any weather - you can easily store it in your bag wherever you go without taking up too much space or added weight.

Détails du produit

Ribs Length: 60 cm (23.6")

6 ribs.

Pays/Région d'origine : Cambodge

Matériau et entretien

100% polyester

- The fabric may soak up water in heavy rain.

- Gradual discolouration may occur due to use.

- This umbrella has sharp points. Please handle with care to ensure the safety of people around you.

- If the handle or any parts of the frame become broken or bent, stop using immediately as continued use may cause an injury or accident.

- Made using a glass fibre reinforced plastic (glass fibre) frame. If the frame becomes broken or split, the tips of glass fibres may protrude through the resin surface and prick your finger, etc. Do not touch with bare hands if the frame is broken or split. If you continue to experience pain after pricking your finger on a glass fibre, seek medical attention.

- Do not swing, throw, or use as a walking stick.

- Children should be supervised when using this product.

- Unwind the fabrics, and slowly open the umbrella. If you try to force it open while the wet fabrics are stuck together, it may result in damage.

- Water repellency will gradually get lost during use over time.

Expédition et retours

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