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Women's Hemp Blend V-Neck Sweater

Prix d'origine $59.90 - Prix d'origine $59.90
Prix d'origine
$59.90 - $59.90
Prix actuel $59.90
Color: Light Grey
Size: XS

A V-neck sweater knitted with eco-friendly hemp and elastic yarn for a soft, light texture. This sweater helps protect your skin and blocks over 80% of UV rays, due to hemp's natural resistance to UV light. 

[What is Hemp]

Hemp is a natural fibre that can be cultivated with minimal environmental impact. It needs little to no irrigation and uses less fertilizer than other crops.

Getting more attention as a new alternative to linen and cotton, hemp, which has been used in Japan for the thongs of geta for a long time, has excellent breathability and quick-drying properties. 

      Item Size Chart 

      Size Chest Width Shoulder Width Hem Width Sleeve Length Length Neck to Sleeve
      XS 50.5cm (19.9") 45.0cm (17.7") 39.5cm (15.6") 53.0cm (20.9") 56.0cm (22.0") 75.5cm (29.7")
      S 53.0cm (20.9") 46.0cm (18.1") 42.0cm (16.5") 54.0cm (21.3") 58.0cm (22.8") 77.0cm (30.3")
      M 55.5cm (21.9") 47.0cm (18.5") 44.5cm (17.5") 55.0cm (21.7") 60.0cm (23.6") 78.5cm (30.9")
      L 58.0cm (22.8") 48.0cm (18.9") 47.0cm (18.5") 56.0cm (22.0") 62.0cm (24.4") 80.0cm (31.5")
      XL 61.0cm (24.0") 50.0cm (19.7") 50.0cm (19.7") 57.0cm (22.4") 64.0cm (25.2") 82.0cm (32.3")
      XXL 64.0cm (25.2") 52.0cm (20.5") 53.0cm (20.9") 57.0cm (22.4") 66.0cm (26.0") 83.0cm (32.7")

      *Size chart for reference only. Actual size might differ slightly due to the feature of the fabric.

      Product Details

      Style Code: BA1OH24S

      Country/Region of Origin: Thailand

      Material & Care

      72% Hemp, 28% Polyester

      - Colour transfer of dark-coloured products may occur during use due to friction and when handling while wet. Wash separately.

      - Due to the nature of this material, scuffing and pilling may occur through friction caused through use and washing/dry-cleaning. In these cases, please treat the material with lint remover, etc.

      - Nap may fall off and stick to other things when the product is used or washed. Wash separately from other items.

      - Nap may become more likely to fall off if fabric softener is used.

      - Due to the nature of this material, nap may stick to other items during wear. Please brush it off or remove it with tape.

      - Blocks over 80% of UV rays.

      - The UV cut effect varies depending on the colour and pattern of the fabric. The UV cut effect may decrease when used outdoors for a long time.

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      Embrace the Linen Life

      Linen and hemp are natural materials that require only a small amount of water to grow, making them environmentally friendly.

      How To Care For Hemp & Linen?

      How To Care For Hemp & Linen?

      Linen and hemp are strong natural fibers that improve in texture and softness over time with frequent use and washing. Here are tips for maintaining your clothes in excellent condition.

      Care Tips