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Large Calculator

UGC 4547315568079


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Color: Silver

An aluminum 12 digit calculator for work and school applications. It can be used in a finance or accounting related work environment as well as for small retail businesses.


Product Details

Materials: Panel: Aluminum, Case: ABS resin, Key: ABS resin, Stand: POM resin

Dimensions: Width 108 mm x depth 173 mm x thickness 12 mm

Country of Origin: China

Additional Information

  • Uses solar cell power and an LR44 alkaline battery (included)
  • Basic function: 12-digit 1-memory calculation ・ Main calculation function: Addition / subtraction / multiplication / division, constant addition / subtraction, constant multiplication / division, square should, reciprocal calculation, continuous calculation,% calculation, approximate number calculation, GT calculation
  • Avoid direct sunlight, sudden temperature changes, high temperature, low temperature, humidity, water, dust, bending, twisting, and strong shock. 
  • The liquid crystal display and solar cell are made of glass, so do not press hard. It may crack.