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Aluminum Atomizer for Perfume

UGC 4547315276752


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Handy for carrying perfume on the go.

◎ How to use:

  • A: Aluminum cap B: Spray part C: Glass bottle D: Aluminum cover
  • After removing A and D, rotate B and pour the liquid into the container at the 8th minute. 
  • When returning D, do not turn it, but push it straight in.

Product Details

Materials: Aluminum

Dimensions: 1.7 x 7.5cm

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Additional Information

  • Capacity: about 4.8mL
  • Fill to around 80% with contents. Overfilling causes leakage.
  • When filling with contents, be sure to remove the storage glass from the aluminium cover and check that the spray section is firmly attached after filling with liquid.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures when using. This causes the alcohol to expand, causing leakage.
  • This product is only for use with commercially available perfume and eau de toilette. Do not use for medicines or special liquids.
  • Use the atomiser in as upright a position as possible.
  • Do not leave contents in for a long time. This causes blockage.