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Poêle à frire 26 cm

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A frying pan with top-quality oil absorption and heat storage properties, making food crispy and delicious. Features excellent heat conductivity and circulation, perfect for high temperature cooking such as stir-frying. 

User Guide: PDF (2.6MB)

Détails du produit

Dimensions (including handle): dia. 26 cm x L46.7 x H9.6 cm (dia. 10.2 x L18.4 x H3.8")

Capacity: 2.18 L

Pays/Région d'origine : Japon

Matériau et entretien

Body: Nitrided Steel (bottom thickness 1.6mm)
Handle: Nitrided Steel
Rivets: Nickel-plated Steel

- Oven-safe.

- NOT dishwasher-safe.

- Do NOT put it in the microwave.

- Compatible heat sources: Induction cookers, gas stoves, radiant heaters, sheath heaters, oven.

[Tips For Use]

① Before using the frying pan for the first time, please "season" it with oil. The surface of an iron frying pan has many small holes. Oil will penetrate these holes and form a thin film of oil on the pan's surface. The key is to heat the oil slowly over medium heat or lower so that it is evenly heated throughout. When the oil is absorbed into the frying pan, it becomes less likely to stick and rust.

② From the second time onwards, please “return the oil” before cooking. When you first start using the frying pan, the oil will not be absorbed into the frying pan, so the food will stick to the frying pan. To prevent sticking, please return the food to the pan with oil. After that, add oil to the pan and start cooking to reduce sticking.

③ Wash with hot water without using detergent. After cooking, while the frying pan is still warm, use a scrubbing brush or bamboo scourer to wash it with hot water without detergent. After washing, drain the water, dry well, and then apply a thin layer of oil to the inside and outside of the frying pan using kitchen paper.

Expédition et retours

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