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UV Cut Washable Capeline Hat

SKU 4550512660255


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Color: Beige

A capeline hat with a wide brim that gives you extra sun protection. When carrying, it can be folded and tied together with the ribbon to make it compact. A hidden strap on the inside allows for size adjustment.

Product Details

Style Code: DBA34A3S

Materials: 100% Polyester

Size: 55.0-57.5cm (21.7-22.6")

Country of Origin: China

Additional Information

  • Colour transfer of dark-coloured products may occur during use due to friction and when handling while wet.
  • Due to the characteristics of the material, discolouration may be caused by direct sunlight or fluorescent light. Please also note that colour may vary between products or within the same product.
  • Blocks 90% or more of UV rays.
  • The UV protection effectiveness varies depending on the colours and patterns of the fabric, as well as the length of time spent outdoors.
  • We recommend that you keep this product fully opened when not in use for a long time.
  • Immerse the product in lukewarm water (30 °C or less) containing dissolved detergent. Lightly wash with the palms of the hands (do not rub). Please wash after completely dissolving the detergent as uneven application of detergent can cause stains. Rinse thoroughly. Reshape and dry quickly. Do not use a tumble dryer.
  • Do not handle this product roughly such as by pulling it with excessive force or inserting items that are too heavy. Doing so may damage the product.
  • Binding knots and thread ends may come out, and threads may partially become loose. Be careful in handling.