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Tanned Leather Narrow Adjustable Belt



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Color: Raw White

A one-size leather belt that can be adjusted to fit your waist. To adjust the length of the belt, simply lift up the metal clasp on the backside with a flathead screwdriver, and slide the belt out. Trim the belt to the desired length, and re-attach by securing the clasp over the belt.

Product Details

Style Code: EAB07A0A

Materials: 100% Genuine Leather


  • Length: 105cm
  • Band Width: 2cm
  • Fits up to a 95-105cm waist

Country of Origin: Vietnam

Additional Information

  • As this product is treated using the texture of leather, the surface texture and colour of the leather may vary slightly.
  • Take care, as colour may transfer through friction with this product or contact when wet.
  • Due to the nature of the product's material, cracks or scratches caused by bending, friction, etc., may reveal the inner material. Please handle with care.
  • Leather may be hard and difficult to attach to the metal fittings at the start of use but the fibres in the leather will gradually relax and soften. The belt strap will slip out of the fitting more easily with frequent use, so take care with attachment.