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Organic Cotton Waffle Small Bath Towel

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Color: Ecru

The waffle weave, which is derived from waffle confectionery, is characterized by its moderate thickness and smooth texture. This creates unevenness so the towel does not cling uncomfortably to the body. It is hard to fluff and dries easily.


Product Details

Material: 100% Cotton

Dimension: 60*120 cm

Country/Region of Origin: India

Additional Information:

  • Due to the characteristics of the materials, be careful not to scratch this product with an accessory, etc.
  • The finished size and colour vary slightly depending on the features of the material.
  • Please note that the natural colour of this product is used, with no bleaching or dyeing. The colour, therefore, varies depending on the raw material.
  • Due to the characteristics of the materials used, pilling may fall off or stick to other clothes during wearing and washing. Please use a lint filter and wash separately.
  • Please avoid using fabric softener, as this worsens these problems.
  • Pilling falls off easily and may get stuck on the skin, etc. when the product is first used.
  • It is hard for water to be absorbed when the product is new. Please wash in water before use.