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[Medium Thick] Organic Cotton Bath Towel with Further Options

SKU 4550002530570


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Color: Off White

Made from long-fibre cotton, specially woven to retain softness even after repeated washings. The thin pile is ideal for travelling and exercising as it dries very quickly, allowing you to pack it up sooner than a thicker towel without worrying about smell or mould.

There are lines dividing the towel into smaller sections that can easily be cut through without fraying, allowing you to further make use of the towel.


Product Details

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Dimension: 70*140 cm

Country/Region of Origin: Vietnam

Additional Information

  • Due to the characteristics of this material, scuffing and pilling may occur from the friction of usage and washing. This may come off and get stuck to other items. Please use a lint filter and wash separately.
  • It is hard for water to be absorbed when the product is new. Please wash in water before use.
  • Dark-coloured products may bleed during use due to friction. Colour may also transfer if used while wet from moisture or perspiration. Please take care.
  • When laundering or dry-cleaning, separate from other items as colour loss or bleeding may occur.
  • Nap falls off easily and may get stuck on the skin, etc. when the product is first used.
  • Please note that using fabric softener may cause nap to come off more easily, due to the nature of the materials.
  • Cracks can occur in the printed part due to use or washing, and discolouration can occur due to friction, which can cause partial whitening.
  • Do not scrub or rub the printed part.