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Leather Round Toe Pumps

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Color: Dark Beige

A semi-casual mid-heeled shoe featuring walking support insoles that provide added comfort over a longer period of wear. Appropriate for many occasions, from dinner parties to office work.


Product Details

Style Code: G8AD609

Materials: Sheepskin leather, synthetic sole

Heel Height: 4.5cm

Country of Origin: Vietnam


Additional Information

  • The shoes can be slippery on a wet road. Please use extreme caution.
  • Take care, as colour can transfer from dark products to socks or the hem of pants.
  • Clean the leather by brushing and using a leather cleaner. Avoid washing with water.
  • If the shoes get wet, wipe away the moisture with a dry cloth, reshape by stuffing with paper, etc. and dry in shade in a place with good ventilation.
  • Keep away from fire, as this may cause deformation or softening.
  • Please wear without crushing the heel. Deforming the heel may cause injury to the foot and unsteady movement.
  • Please choose shoes that are suitable for your intended activity. Avoid using them other than for their intended purpose, as this can cause injuries.
  • Please stop wearing this product immediately if you suffer from rashes or itching.
  • Due to the special characteristics of the material, wrinkling may occur easily. The level of wrinkling differs between products.


Size Chart

 Sizing (cm) 22.5 23 23.5 24 24.5 25
US Sizing Women's 5.5 Women's 6 Women's 6.5 Women's 7 Women's 7.5 Women's 8