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Jute My Bag Large A3

SKU 4550344604403 EGD49A0A


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Using uncolored jute material, we have created a tote bag that can be used for various purposes while maintaining a natural look. The handle uses a cushioned core material that is convenient for both shoulder and hand holding.


Product Details

Materials: Body: 100% Jute | Handle: 72% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 6% Rayon


  • B5: 27 x 31 x 16cm
  • A4: 31.5 x 36 x 19cm
  • A3: 36.5 x 46 x 22cm

Country of Origin : India

Additional Information

  • This product is interfused with plant material due to the nature of the material. Coloration that looks like staining may occur in light-colored products. 
  • Discoloration can be caused by direct sunlight and fluorescent light. 
  • Please note that the natural color of this product is used, with no bleaching or dyeing. The color therefore varies depending on the raw material. Avoid washing as doing so may cause the product to become misshapen.
  • Please note that depending on storage and usage conditions, deterioration of strength, stickiness, and changes in appearance may occur. 
  • Be careful not to rub or scratch the back side with a pointed object. The surface coating can peel off, or the pinhole can widen to cause a leakage of light.
  • If this item gets dirty, remove stains by dabbing gently with a firmly wrung out towel or similar, then dry in a shaded and well- ventilated area.