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Cotton Polyester Blend Bed Pad with Elastic

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 A bed pad designed with a quilted pattern. Use on top of your mattress for added comfort and as a washable layer for hygienic purposes.


Product Details

Materials: Outer Shell: 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester | Wadding: 100%


  • S: 100*200cm
  • D: 140*200cm
  • Q: 160*200cm
  • K: 180*200cm

Country of Origin: China

Additional Information

  • Regularly hang out in an airy place in the shade.
  • Lying directly on the bed pad may cause the wadding to stick through the fabric. Always use sheets, etc. with this product.
  • Guidelines for the capacity of washing machines that can be used: In order to prevent breakage of the washing machine or accidents it is important that you follow the washing machine instructions regarding capacity and washing methods. If the item cannot be washed by a household washing machine, please consult a professional cleaner.
  • Be sure to put in a laundry net when washing. Without a net, the product may come out of the washing machine tub.
  • Completely dissolve a neutral detergent without a fluorescent whitening agent in lukewarm water cooler than 40°C and soak this product. After soaking it, wash on a gentle cycle (soft mode).
  • After spin-drying for around 3 minutes, pull the wadding into shape and dry by hanging in an airy place in the shade.
  • Shrinks slightly when washed.