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Cleansing Cotton Buds

SKU 4547315276899


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A double-sided cotton bud with one pointed tip, allowing you to make small fixes on your makeup or for removing simple makeup while travelling.


Product Details

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Propylene glycol, Ethylparaben, Octyldodeceth-20, Trehalose, Chlorhexidine digluconate, Fragrance

Dimensions: 10 pcs

Country of Origin: Japan

  • Directions for use: Tear open at the small cut near the centre of the pack, place the cotton bud on the makeup you want to correct and gently draw it across
  • Be careful not to get it in the eyes, if it does, rinse thoroughly with water
  • Do not continue use if the product does not suit your skin type or if you have skin conditions that have an adverse reaction to the product
  • Dispose of after using, do not reuse
  • Use the product immediately after opening
  • Store away from high temperatures, direct sunlight and out of the reach of infants