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Wool Blend Touchscreen Gloves

Prix d'origine $24.90 - Prix d'origine $24.90
Prix d'origine
$24.90 - $24.90
Prix actuel $24.90
Color: Oatmeal

Stay warm and stay connected with these wool blend touchscreen gloves. Featuring a brushed lining with a 3D weave and touch screen compatibility, these gloves are perfect for everyday use. Enjoy the perfect balance between comfort and technology.

Product Details

Style Code: DC0D7A3A

One Size

Country/Region of Origin: Cambodia

Material & Care

54% Wool, 44% Nylon, 2% Spandex

- Use a neutral detergent.

- Colour transfer of dark-coloured products may occur during use due to friction and when handling while wet. Wash separately.

- Due to the nature of this material, scuffing and pilling may occur through friction caused through use and washing/dry-cleaning. In these cases, please treat the material with lint remover, etc.

- Due to the nature of this material, nap may stick to other items during wear. Please brush it off or remove it with tape.

- The touch screen does not respond to fingers other than the thumb, the index finger or the middle finger.

- The touch screen response may differ depending on the model and operating environment.

- The screen protector etc. on the touch screen may cause lower response. Also, scuffing may cause lower response.

- Be careful, because items you hold might slip out of your hands in the same way as when wearing regular gloves.

- Do not perform electrical operations when wearing touch screen gloves.

- Do not touch hot objects while wearing the gloves, as burning may occur.

- When storing, dry well after cleaning. If using insecticide, do not mix different types of insecticide.

- Stop using if something does not seem to be right with the product.

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