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Jersey Cotton Duvet Cover

Prix d'origine $59.90
Prix actuel $42.00
UGC 4550344792339


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Color: Mocha Brown

Online Exclusive Clearance

A soft duvet cover in the same knit as our jersey t-shirts, made with organic cotton left behind in the spinning process.

MUJI sizes are different than North American sizes. Please check the measurements before purchasing. You may need to go one size up.


Product Details:

Material: 100% Cotton.


  • Semi Double: W170 x L210cm
    • Finished Size: W165 x L205cm
  • Queen: W210 x L210cm
    • Finished Size: W205 x L205cm
  • King: W230 x L210cm
    • Finished Size: W225 x L205cm

    Country of Origin: Vietnam

    Additional Information

    • Colour transfer of dark-coloured products may occur during use due to friction and when handling while wet. Wash separately.
    • Due to the characteristics of the material, scuffing and pilling may occur from the friction during use and washing, and fluff may come off and adhere to other objects. Trim the surface with a lint remover, etc.