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Collapsible Water Repellent Tall Tote Bag

UGC 4550512123545


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Color: Black

A simple tote bag that has been precisely cut to reduce fabric waste. This bag can be folded and fastened with a button clasp for convenient and portable carry. Made from a water-repellent fabric.


Product Details

Style Code: ECH32A2A

Materials: 100% Recycled Polyester

Dimensions: L36.0 x W33.0 x T7.0cm (Approx. L14.2" x W14.2" x T2.8")

Country of Origin: Vietnam 

Additional Information

  • Withstand load: Approx. 15kg
  • Water repellency will gradually get lost during use.
  • Folding may leave creases. The appearance of wrinkles varies depending on the product.