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2023 High Quality Paper Vertical Planner

UGC 4550512039341


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Color: White

This Monthly-Weekly Vertical Planner is made with high quality paper. Perfect for organizing your day, specifically by the hour.

Pages include (in the following order):

  • Monthly calendar overview (2022-2024)
  • Yearly overview for 2023
  • Monthly calendar (beginning in August 2022)
  • Weekly vertical hourly schedule (8am to 10pm)
  • Lined pages for notes
  • Covers include pockets for storing business cards or folded paper


Product Details

Includes: 1 monthly-weekly vertical planner with 88 sheets (176 pages);
Monday-start Monthly, December 2022 to January 2024;
Monthly-start Weekly, November 28, 2022, to February 4, 2024.


  • Cover: Vinyl Chloride Resin
  • Pages: Paper


  • B6: Cover: 19.0 x 27.4cm (7.5 x 10.8in); Notebook: 12.8 x 18.2cm (5.0 x 7.2in)
  • A5: Cover: 21.8 x 31.4cm (8.6 x 12.4in); Notebook: 14.8 x 21.0cm (5.8 x 8.3in)

Country of Origin: Japan

Additional Information

  • Thread-bound
  • Includes a bookmark string