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Polyester Cushion Mesh Laundry Net

Prix d'origine $5.90 - Prix d'origine $5.90
Prix d'origine
$5.90 - $5.90
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Style: Round

Keep your delicates from getting damaged in the wash with this laundry net.

    Product Details

    Round: W 28.5 x Dia. 20.0 cm (Approx. W 11.2 x Dia. 7.9 ")

    Country/Region of Origin: Vietnam

    Material & Care

    100% Polyester

    - Open and close the fastener in a straight line to prevent putting excess force on the fastener.

    - This product is a laundry protection net for household laundry machines. Do not use for any purpose other than laundry.

    - Keep laundry in the net through wash and spin cycles.

    - Do not overfill the net and keep it within two-thirds full.

    - This product cannot completely prevent lint. To prevent fine lint from attaching to clothing, wash dark colours or products with a lot of nape separately.

    - To prevent damage to laundry items, follow the washing instructions on the garment label.

    - To prevent damage or laddering, be careful of the protruding part of the fastener when inserting or
    removing laundry items.

    - Do not leave wet after washing and spin drying. Dry quickly.

    - Please do not tumble dry.

    - When closing the fastener, close it fully and then securely store the knob in the fastener cover.

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