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MUJI sources music from around the world, and aims to put a spotlight on international musicians that highlight local traditional melodies.

This audio CD features harmonic music from one of the originators of salsa, Puerto Rico, with the songs of the local Jíbaro people at its center.

Puerto Rico is a small paradise in the Caribbean Sea and known as "the island of charm." Although it is only half the size of Japan's four main islands, it has a rich culture. This is the result of the integration of various races and cultures during the colonial era. Of course, its rich music culture is no exception. Starting from the passionate Salsa, Bomba/Plena of African origin, and Danza, which is deeply influenced by Spain.

Jíbaro music is reflective of life in the countryside, the mountains and the forests. The cuatoro instrument used by the Jíbaro people, is a unique guitar with 5 pairs of double strings and is melancholy instrument. Christmas time and special social gatherings are occasions for the hardworking, hospitable, and self-sufficient, traditional farming communities to celebrate their love of song and dance together.

Track List

  1. Joropo - Prodeigo Y Su Cuatro Son
  2. Seis Montebello - Prodeigo Y Su Cuatro Son
  3. El vals de la Guinea - Luis Marin Con Prodeigo Claudio
  4. El coquí - Los Violines De San Juan
  5. Medley de valses criollos - Modesto Nieves Y Su Grupo
  6. Los Magos de Oriente - Modesto Nieves Y Su Grupo
  7. Jesus Amoroso - Modesto Nieves Y Su Grupo
  8. Temporal - Luis Marin Y Su Piano
  9. Seis milonguero - Prodeigo Y Su Cuatro Son
  10. Medley de seis - Modesto Nieves Y Su Grupo
  11. Seis Celinés - Prodeigo Y Su Cuatro Son
  12. Medley folklórico - Modesto Nieves Y Su Grupo
  13. Sara - Los Violines De San Juan
  14. Angélica - Modesto Nieves Y Su Grupo
  15. Seis chorreado - Prodeigo Y Su Cuatro Son

 Product Details

Year of Release: 2004

Number of Discs: 1

Material: Acrylic, Polycarbonate

Dimension: 150x130x20mm 

Country/Region of Origin: Japan

Additional Information:

  • Compact discs are not indestructible and poor handling can degrade the sound and shorten the life of your CD
  • Improperly handled discs can easily become scratched and dirty which tend to have reduced sound quality because your player's error correction can only guess at the sound information that is unreadable underneath debris
  • Handle discs only by their outer edge or center hole; avoid touching the disc surfaces
  • When not in use, keep discs in their jewel case or other protective covering and out of direct sunlight and do not expose to extreme temperatures
  • Keep discs away from dust, dirt, sand, and moisture
  • Do not write on the surface of a disc with a pencil, pen or other hard object (if you must mark on a disc, use only soft-tip pens with water based ink)
  • Clean only the bottom (non-labeled) side of the disc. Dirt on the top (labeled) side of the disc will not effect playback. Also, the plastic coating on the top side is very thin and can be easily damaged (which will effect playback)