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Free shipping on online orders of $120 or more. Exclusions apply.

Natural Rubber Gloves 6 Pcs

SKU 4550182577129


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Gloves that are soft and fit in your hands using uncoloured natural rubber. It can be used either in left or right hand. It can be used multiple times doing household chores and you only need to replace it when its dirty or damaged. It comes in a pack containing 6 pieces.


Product Details

Spec: Universal for left & right / 6 pieces

Material Information

Outer Surface: Natural Rubber | Inner Surface: Cotton (flocked)

Additional Information

  • Avoid high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight during storage/use.
  • This product is designed for household use.
  • Some people may experience itching or rashes due to allergic reactions. If you notice any abnormalities, stop use immediately and consult a physician without delay.
  • Be careful not to scratch the product with your fingernail, a knife or other sharp objects.
  • Do not touch hot objects with the gloves on.
  • Do not use for high concentration chemicals or solvents (gasoline, benzine, etc.).
  • Do not use for electrical works. Otherwise it may cause an electric shock.
  • If household detergents, detergents, bleaches, or oils/greases come into contact with the product, thoroughly wash them off after use.
  • After use, thoroughly wash the dirt off and dry completely in a shady place.