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Urethane Foam Chip Pillow

SKU 4550344762011


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Filled with urethane foam chips that will cradle your head and neck, molding around them to fit.

MUJI sizes are different than USA sizes. Our 50x70cm fits US standard. Please check the measurements before purchasing.


Product Details


  • Outer Shell: Polyester 85%,Cotton 15%;
  • Wadding: Urethane Foam

Dimensions: 43x63cm     

Country of Origin: China

Additional Information:

  • Urethane foam is easy to burn, so do not approach open flames such as cigarette fires or high temperatures such as stoves.
  • Because of the characteristics of the material, it may smell at first use. If you are bothered, dry in shaded, airy place.
  • Urethane foam may deteriorate in 2-5 years depending on the storage situation, such as a decrease in strength. Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and store in a place with good airflow.
  • Be sure to use the cover when using.